What Are Lottery Calculators and How Can They Increase Our Winnings?


A lottery calculator is a tool that helps you to accurately estimate what the next lottery numbers will be that are going to be picked in any given lottery venue. It measures the amount that each number has been picked and shows you which ones are more apt to be picked by these venues by using mathematical formulas that estimate which numbers are next.

These calculators can be extremely accurate and can put you in data sdy  the top 20% of lottery winners. A lottery calculator will allow you to make smart choices as to which numbers you want to pick instead of going into it blindly.

I like to compare this to surfing. When a surfer wants to catch some big waves, he watches the weather channel days in advance to see what systems are forming that will produce wind which will give the waves. If the waves are not being produced, then they do not surf that day. In the same way, when a avid lotto player uses a lottery calculator to estimate what numbers are coming next, they are intelligently deciding if it is a good time to bet or not and what to bet on. The other players are just leaning on blind luck and will find themselves losing out on money time and time again.

So now you have to ask yourself, do you want to waste your money blindly betting on numbers that you have no control over? It is amazing how detailed and systematic lotto venues are when they pick the numbers and it is almost impossible to blindly expect to win by just chance. You have to beat their system with accurate knowledge and insight into how to make those predictions. Lottery calculators will give you that insight and will give you a peak into the in depth process lottery venues use to pick those numbers every week.

In conclusion, it is very important to have a game plan when you are investing your money and time into something as important as the lottery. You do not want to go into something like this blindly and you definitely do not want to keep wasting your money or luck since the point of playing the lottery is to win it right? I have used a lottery calculator before and I found that my lottery winnings increased drastically and I will never make a lottery bet every again without using this simple tool.


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