Tips to Spot the Best Laptop For You – Given an Open Budget


It was an exciting day in my life. I was going to have my first ever laptop purchase. Saved a decent amount of money for it (wanted to pay in cash as I’m the type that’s allergic to monthly payments and interest, even if it’s little or teeny weeny), and brought three of my friends along to the mall, specifically the electronics division.

Well, let’s just say that things didn’t turn out well the way that I imagined it to be.

I had a budget that could accommodate even a high-end laptop, but I think that only complicated things as all my friends had their own suggestions and points of view on which is the best. What should have lasted for just an hour of wise consumer shopping, ended up into a stressful half day.

Don’t waste time like I did and learn to avoid  hp ryzen 3  the pitfalls of first time laptop shoppers. Here’s some proven tips:

1. Research beforehand what kind of laptop you want – If you can’t make your mind yet, at least narrow it down to the top 3. This was a big mistake on my part as I never thought what to buy and focused more on the money that I was saving. Clearly a recipe for disaster in the making.

2. Know the purpose for your laptop – Just for personal use, to impress the ladies and score more stylish points on them, or to start an internet marketing empire? Or something in between. Whatever it is, knowing your purpose will give you an idea of the features your laptop would have, and trim down the selection process in the end.

3. Size matters… or does it? – Are you fully decided with that 12 incher or you’re now confused because the 10 incher seems better. And the much smaller one looks way cooler. Again, it all boils down to the purpose of your purchase. If you want something sleek and neat for school, a small sized laptop would be just the thing for you. If you plan on putting up a business however, small’s not the way to go.


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