Secrets of Thai Massage is Total Relaxation


Every culture of the world practices some kind of massage. Thailand has a long standing history of massage where the person gets “stuck heart” or as the Thais put it 타이마사지 “Dtit jai”. Anybody who has undergone a Thai massage gets heart-stuck to it. Like Thai food, visitors also get addicted to Thai massage. It is so popular that most towns have at least one massage parlor. Massage is an integral part of Thai culture, as parents “massage” their children and thus pass the skills down through the generations. Thai massage originated in Thailand but today taught in all major massage school. These oriental techniques bring Eastern massage philosophies here to the West, where they are used to release tension and bring an overall improvement to one’s well being. This total relaxation helps you to win your depression.

Thai massage just like Ayurvedic massage technique integrates certain Eastern spiritual techniques into traditional massage. During a Thai massage session, you can expect to have your muscles kneaded so they soften from all of the tension knots. However, the difference between Thai massage and traditional massages is that Thai massages use certain Eastern techniques such as deep breathing, and the knowledge of pressure points. The end result of total relaxation is always assured in every form of Thai massage.

Total relaxation with a Thai massage session

You may fall in love and addicted to Thai massage and you’ll likely never want to return to a traditional western massage again. Thai massage therapists believe that, to give a good massage, one has to be in tune with their body. Your body and mind have to be in a state of total relaxation. To be tense during a massage, they say, is to defeat the very purpose of getting a massage. You cannot release total tension if you resist the Thai massage methods. That’s why these Thai massage techniques are so effective.

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