Participating in Diversity Lottery


The diversity lottery or the green Card Lottery is otherwise known as the “American Green Card Lottery”. The lottery is designed with a gateway for aspiring people who are from eligible countries to live, work and study in the land of dreams. Each year, the us Department of State issues roughly about second there’s 55, 000 visas through the diversity lottery. The reason for the Green Card Lottery moving into existence was because of the significant increase in the number of people from the world over applying for H-1B visas.

Each diversity lottery is termed after the money year which it is designed for. DV-2012 is the name for this years lottery. The Diversity Lottery is a fantastic motivation of the united states Government to promote diversity in the united states and for people across the world to get the Permanent Hawaiian for resident ) status in the united states.

Permanent hawaiian for resident ) slots are entitled for health care, education and can sponsor family for green card as well. This is exactly what makes participating in the diversity lottery more.

Once you have established your eligibility the next step would be to register and submit your application with your photos online. Hawaii Department usually specifies a time period when the applicants have to file their electronic applications. Registration is open each fall and lottery winners will be acquainted by mail the following spring or summer. The photo requirements are specified by the State Department and the applicants are necessary to complete the application paito warna hk form and transfer the photo within a specific time frame(which is usually about 60 minutes).

As an applicant it would not be possible for you to save and exit the application form, it’s the same advisable that you have all the necessary information and the correct photos at the time of filling in the electronic application. Choose the smaller lottery. Because of the paralyzing effect of many see how to win the lottery, they immediately rush to bigger lottery game. What they don’t realize is that there are already millions of them competing against each other. So the chance of winning is less. If you want to increase the probability of winning, shoot for a smaller lottery. Once you master this, winning the million dollar jackpot should be very easy for you.

If you are one of those luck ones to be selected then KCC will inform you about the day and date of your interview according to your case number. They will inform you through normal mail. This letter is also called as Second Letter. You will get the winning notification only by regular email and not by Email or Fax or over the device. If you receive any notification apart from these make sure you check. Use Delta Number System. This is a program that you can play with. All you have to do is to look for a winning lotto numbers in the past. From this, generate a new set of numbers by getting the difference of the lotto numbers from the number that precedes it. You can find more information of this by searching more about using Delta System of numbers as a tool that would tell you how to win the lottery guarantee.

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