The New Year is knocking at the door and as a result the year is almost finished. It is time to evaluate if the goals set for 2010 were accomplished or not. At the same time, it is also necessary to set new business goals as the New Year approaches. Following are a couple of tips to help companies succeed at setting new corporate goals for the New Year:

Set specific goals. When a company decides on an objective, it should be asking the following question: “What are the specific results that need to be accomplished”. Setting a goal without knowing what results are expected is like not having goals at all. Employees have to know what the goals are and what the results should be. Both the goal and the expected result have to be clear to all in order to accomplish it.

Set measurable goals. The objectives set by a company should be measurable. The company needs to establish ways to measure the results of the goals that are being set. Numbers and statistics are important and should be implemented in this step. If a company cannot measure the result obtained it will not be able to figure out if the goal was met or not. Measures have to be specific and also be consistent.

Goals should be attractive and challenging. For a goal to be successful and attainable it has to create interest among the staff of the company and it also has to challenge them to succeed. When a company sets a boring goal or one that is not easily understood, employees will not pay attention and forget about it. A goal that is forgotten is a loss for the company.

Deadlines. Deadlines are important. Goals have to have a deadline in which they have to be accomplished. Deadlines should be set when setting goals and objectives. Goals and deadlines go hand in hand. Deadlines have to be enforced. A company can only be successful when the goals are accomplished within the timeframe that was set. When a company is late it will suffer the consequences 報稅服務 of its tardiness, which will probably result in looses and unsatisfied customers.

Following up on goals and objectives should take place on a regular basis. Waiting for the end of the year or the closing of the accounting process is not necessarily a condition to check and follow up on goals. Conditions change everyday and goals should be adjusted when necessary. Change is a constant in business and in live, goals have to follow the constant change.

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