End of the World Predictions – How to Survive 2012


The date prediction for the end of the world by some scientists is December 12, 2012. According to the Mayan calendar which is a complex and mysterious calendar that has been constructed many centuries ago. December 12, 2012 is the exact date of a cataclysmic event.

Many scientists have agreed with this Mayan prediction. They have researched that in the future; there will be an alignment of the earth, sun, and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This happens once every 25,000 years only. Experts say that it could have a global cataclysm because the world may shift suddenly. Meaning, the North and South poles might shift into the equator that will cause earthquakes, storms, flooding, and volcanic eruptions.

In this catastrophic event, we should be prepared when the time survival food kits will come. We must learn how to survive 2012. Since we the people here on earth are the ones responsible in preparing a long journey through an unprecedented event, we must take the needed materials and provisions for our survival.

In this end of the world prediction, we must find or locate first the necessary place from where we can initially hide or have shelter. Some of the possible places that have been suggested by scientists are, Highlands of Ethiopia, Mountains of Turkey, Madagascar, High Mountains of Spain and the mountains of Morocco. These are some places where it is suggested safe because it is tsunami proof, earthquake proof, and flood proof, storm proof and maybe free from a nuclear fall-out. Make available also a strong and sturdy bunker for your needed shelter.

We may also know how to survive 2012 if have the needed food for survival. Foods like grains, nuts, lentils, rice, and soy beans. Prepare canned and preserved foods like fish, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables. Water is also very important for your survival. Be sure to have a water treatment material. Include dried herbs, coffee, milk (powder and condensed), tea and energy drinks. Make available a first-aid kit for emergency situations. Toiletries are a necessity especially if you have children and older ones.

Bear in mind to also have a supply of electricity (solar cells, batteries, generators) and electronic gadgets. Light and heating equipments are an essential. Kitchen wares may be used for food. Clothing and textiles like bed sheets, bed covers, towels, quilts and other clothing and textile materials must be prepared.

Transportation means is also a must. 4wd cars for rough terrains, boats can be stocked until the aftermath. Include motor bikes, bicycles, hot air balloons, parachutes and paraglide too. Don’t ever fail to remember to stock fuels, oils, and water. It is also a need for us to get books with all the possible subjects that we can find. This will attain our knowledge about everything here on earth.

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