Ego To Wholeness – Tips to get to Wholeness With Ones Self


Our mind is full of thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding our negative and or positive thoughts. In really thinking about it I came to the realization when a positive thought clashes with a negative thought I think about when we’re jump starting a car. We put the positive and negative cables on the battery of the car that won’t start and then on the other car we do the same and together it jump starts the car back up. Now if the car doesn’t end up starting back up one of two things could have happened, one you may need a new battery or two you didn’t wait long enough to let the battery energize back up. Sometimes in life when we are filled with an egotistical mindset we don’t think twice to playing the victim, so we can respond one of two ways our mind can jump into shame, guilt and or depression two we can turn that “STORY” around 360 degrees and talk about what we got out of that story and how we overcame it. Take the yin and yang theory for an example. If we didn’t have the dark and light acting as one, taking the light in the dark and the dark in the light then we wouldn’t have a balance on earth, those lessons to learn and so forth.

Once you are in awareness that there is that light at the end of that dark, scary tunnel you then know there is no religious, society and political views. You drop them at the universes front door and become truly you and genuinely as you are as a person Family Story App. Drop that story you have told over and over. Becoming aware that that story is no longer serving you in a negative presence, that the thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding your story will never change. How you perceive them can make the difference between a positive outlook or negative outlook. Have you become aware of what you are holding onto about this story, what do you really want others to know about it, is there a message you need to learn and grow from it, are you playing the victim to get others to feel sorry? Does this story still resonate in your present life or is it in your past? If so why are you holding onto the past? If you have questioned yourself and asked yourself all of these questions yourself then let me ask you this. Are you holding onto your ego and are now having that sense of awareness? Remember everyone is always going to have those past stories that weren’t so great, but the next time you get sucked into playing the victim you can turn that story into a lesson for yourself, an awareness that you survived and are not what you were then and subsequently depending on the person too.

Now before I gained that awareness in my stories I had kept telling and feeling guilty, shameful, doubtful, negative and playing the victim, poor me I listened to what I needed from telling the story in the first place. Life is all about perceptions on childhood, stories upon stories of others, self and family. We then lose who we are because we get withdrawn and never stay tuned into ourselves, needs, and our bodies. We get lost into these stories that the ego takes over and tells us its okay to feel guilt, shame, resentment and all of those off shot low frequency words. Personally for myself I could tell you that i was mentally, physically, and emotionally abused in parts of my childhood, how awful it was or I can turn it into a life lesson to where I’m in control and how i overcame the words that were said to me, the physical abuse and how strong that made me. So this is exactly what I did and I have Life Coaching to thank for that. It became a part of my passion because I finally let go of my stories and turned them to a better outlook once I became aware of how they were serving me and what I wanted people to know about them, I am that Life Coach who overcame those stories, self acceptance and left that egotistical mind at the universes front door.

Getting to wholeness, oneness, divine spirit, empowerment, enlightenment and connection is just as easy as telling your story. If you would like to make that spiritual connection to self and others then you are in the right place. Take those stories, turn them into learning lessons and new open possibilities to grow and share your wisdom and knowledge to others. Love yourself for who you are now and who you are becoming. All of us have something to give to ourselves, serve to others and give back to the community. My divine passion is to speak my truth to the men and women who were mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. The people that were shameful of themselves and were told they weren’t good enough or that they didn’t amount to anything in life. The people that cried all night long and were fearful of their attackers and or abusers. Those people who lost who they truly were because they had the ego attaching to their soul. We all will always have a little ego that comes out and hides, but it’s all about the perception of what you do with it. I want to mentor, teach, speak out to the confused souls that are lost and need control and direction back in their lives. After all we are human beings living a human experience in a physical form of reality.

The uniqueness of each individual is remarkably amazing because every DNA strand is different, our personalities, stories and where we’ve been and not been are different. Now we can all have similar experiences, but until you have walked in someones shoes you may never know where someone has actually been and that’s okay. We all share a purpose for being on earth, a divine connection, a soul contract and the lessons, blessings, knowledge and wisdom. We all take in and process differently. I think about a computer and all the brands out there because they process differently, speed, how much energy they old, memory and so forth that it holds. When a computer comes down with a virus or when it’s running slow because that computer tries processing too much information. We’re like computers that run off energy and electric and magnetic fields just like the earth we live on and the universe we live in. When our minds are running on overload because what we are processing so much we can either a have a breakdown, B become withdrawn and depressed or C we can evaluate where we feel it in our bodies and what the problem is before that breakdown. Same goes for a computer when it tries to process too much it becomes slow and withdrawn or we can delete unneeded files, apps and programs to help the computer run faster with more energy. Our bodies need love from us, self care and most importantly we should always listen to what our bodies need.

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